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Re: ABC News publishes a piece of Microsoft FUD

  On 12/15/97 6:40 AM, Gene Gaines (ggaines@generation.net) wrote:
  >According to this fellow Fred Moody, morality and legality are not 
  >the issies, but rather who is going to win.  Well, he is certain to
  >understand that kind of thinking.  After all, he is the author of 
  >"I Sing the Body Electronic: A Year With Microsoft on the Multimedia
  ABC will probably laugh at you when they read your letter. You aren't 
  wrong, it's just the natural arrogance of journalists to laugh at 
  outraged readers, while noting mainly their spelling and grammatical 
  errors. (I'm a former journalist)
  Meanwhile, they're sure to give Moody more credence (and perhaps a raise, 
  maybe a renewal on his contract) when they see the increased number of 
  hits on his Web article, thanks to the publicity you just gave it. 
  I just read it. Sure, he's an ass; he makes the claim that keeping MS 
  from forcing MSIE on OEMs and consumers is somehow "harmful" without one 
  word of explanation how. 
  ABC may not realize it, but by retaining the services of Fred Moody, 
  they're squandering their reputation as a reputable news service on 
  someone who is essentially a Microsoft PR rep.
  Of course, that might be lesser-known part of Microsoft's recent dealings 
  with Disney. Shouldn't you have smelled a rat when you saw the name of 
  the book was "I Sing the Body Electric?"
  Matt Gilbert