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Name calling

  ** Reply to note from cmueller@metrolink.net Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:59:04
  -0500 (EST)
  	> No one in this group seems disposed to challenge the two
  members who've
  	> engaged here in the lowest form of name-calling against me.
  FWIW, I too felt that statements that Mr. Mueller, who has, if anything,
  set a standard for diplomacy in his postings to this list, is a "fool"
  or "a pompous ass"-were unnecessary and unkind.  
  This "why can't we all get along" talk is silly, but then again, so
  what.  I value Mr. Mueller's contributions to this list, along with
  those of many other writers.  The signal to noise ratio has been
  consistently high.  This saga is going to get worse before it gets
  better-credit Mr. Mueller for being brutally honest about that, but
  don't blame him for it, for goodness sake.  
  Those of us who stick with this issue for the next 9 months-and
  longer-have a vested interest in maintaining civility among ourselves.
  That goes for the Republic, as well, of course-our poor track-record
  Matthew Benjamin