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Reading the Constitution in Cyberspace, by Lawrence Lessig.

  Newly Appointed 'Special Master'
                       To Probe MS Issues
                       Wired News Staff 
  > US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield
  >                      Jackson appointed Harvard professor
  >                      Lawrence Lessig as a "special master" to take
  >                      additional evidence in the antitrust case. 
  >                      Lessig's specific assignment is somewhat
  >                      uncertain, but may involve the thorny issue of
  >                      Microsoft's integration of their Internet
  >                      Explorer Web browser with Windows. The
  >                      company has said that the product's next
  >                      generation, Windows 98, will obliterate the line
  >                      between where the browser ends and the
  >                      operating system begins. 
  >                      Based on initial information, Lessig seems well
  >                      up to the task. He is currently teaching a
  >                      course called "The Law of Cyberspace." In the
  >                      summer of 1996, he wrote " Reading the
  >                      Constitution in Cyberspace," an article in the
  >                      Emory Law Journal that was cited repeatedly
  >                      by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day
  >                      O'Connor in her opinion in the
  >                      Communications Decency Act decision last
  >                      June.