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Re: Cheerleading and Democracy 101

          How do you know it's a "fantasy"?
  At 09:49 PM 12/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >At 21:17 -0500 12/10/97, charles mueller wrote:
  >>        Members of Congress, unless I've been misled, don't allow their
  >>incoming mail to be trashed d.o.a., dead on arrival--whether by their
  >>clerical staffs or computer programs.  It may be routed around but,
  >>ultimately, it all lands on their desks.
  >This is, of course, nothing but a fantasy.
  >If you really want to pursue Democracy 101, wrest power from federal
  >bureaucrats and return it to the American people. If you go the route of
  >special interest lobbying, whoever has the most $$$ usually wins. Recent
  >case in point: the criminal copyright bill about to become law, bought by
  >the software industry and Hollywood, that makes sharing a few copies of
  >Microsoft Office a federal felony: jail time and a quartermillion dollar
  >fine. For both the person who lends the software and the person who copies
  >This is not cynicism, BTW. This is stone-cold reality.
  >(A Washington, DC political reporter)