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Reassurance to List Subscribers

  I have noticed that some people are trying to get off this list.  Could it
  be that they are concerned that some of us may email Congress, DOJ, etc. as
  if the whole list were signers and in agreement?
  As far as I know, this list is open to all -  M$ supporters, employees, and
  even Gates himself and not just those of us who are trying to prevent the
  total take-over of all computer-related fields on the way to complete world
  domination.  [This last is purely my opinion, and as such may or may not
  reflect on any other opinions of any other list subscribers.]
  I would like to send thanks to all who have done a great job of listing
  potential contactees, and the means of doing so.  
  Californians especially should go to:   http://www.netaction.org/  and
  check out the contact list for the proposed M$-Cal State University
  takeover.  Also at  http://www.news.com/  is a link [Dec 9] to related
  articles.  Those in other states, countries may find these links of
  interest too.  
  Claire Macdonald