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[Fwd: incompatible browsers] David Wertheimer, Paramount

  Oops. I put in the listproc address on my Cc: by mistake

  David Wertheimer
  President, Paramount Digital Entertainment
  I am recommending your name as a witness in the continuing Department of
  Justice investigation of Microsoft under the Antitrust Statutes and the
  Sherman Act. 
  Once upon a time, the motion picture studios owned the theaters, much as
  Microsoft owns the operating system for consumers and small business.
  The break up of these studio monopolies led to the proliferation of
  independent producers, and prime time shows pitched from beyond the
  studio stables. This allowed Gene Rodenberry to create The Franchise.
  Collusion with Microsoft in such a blatant fashion on your website will
  destroy thirty years of good will between the computer community and The
  Franchise. Mr. Spock would consider such exposure to be illogical, like
  New Coke replacing old Coke. 
  Microsoft cares less about The Franchise than Paramount. Captain Kirk
  would be saying "Reboot, Scotty! Fatal Errors are crashing the
  Enterprise! Are we performing illegal operations, Mr Spock?"
  Mr. Spock: Illegal operations are a matter of syntax. The Enterprise has
  been shut down by what we logicians call 'infinite defects.' A common
  occurence from Alpha to Beta."
  Ms. Reno has shown a vicarious interest in heating up the entertainment
  industry, over less petty affairs than Microsoft's business practices.
  Paramount should be more cautious in the future.
  Charles A. Behney III