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RE: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail

  What could be done here is to group draft a communiqué to the Congress by posting a draft to the list, perhaps in outline form at first. Each recipient of the list will have the opportunity to add structure to the draft or comments to structure as it develops and return it to the list. When the time comes, someone (Christopher?) could do the final edits, post the final here for last comments and then submit it to the Congress mail robot - using  <am-info@essentials.org> as the return address thereby allowing all of the list recipients to view any response.
  P.A. Petricone 
  From: 	P.A. Petricone[SMTP:pap@tiac.net]
  Sent: 	December 08, 1997 5:58 PM
  To: 	Multiple recipients of list
  Subject: 	RE: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail
  This may save you a bit of time. Good luck!
  From: 	Christopher Pall[SMTP:x97pall@wmich.edu]
  Sent: 	December 08, 1997 4:31 PM
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  Subject: 	Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail
  Start here.
  I am doing letters "a" through "c" tonight. I will do more letters tommorrow.
  Make sure if you are going to do a range of letters, let us know so that we
  don't duplicate our work.
   I suggest we follow this format for now. Don't argue the format of the list in
  the list compiliation thread, argue it here. I'd like to keep that thread
  dedicated to the task of compiling.
  This is the format I suggest:
                  name <name@yoursenator.senate.gov>
  Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI) <michigan@abraham.senate.gov>
  Sen. John Ashcroft (R-MO) <john_ashcroft@ashcroft.senate.gov>
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA