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Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail

  >        My question, then, is this:  Does the technology in 1997 permit
  >us--the citizens of America--to reach electronically these l,535 people who
  >control the nation's antimonopoly policy?
  If you can do it with one address, you can do it with ______________.
  (fill in the blank)
  Internet Spam mailers do this all the time.  Sending out mass mailings
  is pretty much a no-brainer.  You would have to set up a separate
  file with all the addresses in it probably, and then for each one on
  the list, mail the message. Care might need to be taken to avoid
  overloading the server with "too-many-too-fast", (I have done that!).
  Most word processing programs have a "Mail Merge" feature which does
  just that.
  The trick would be to ferret out all the addresses.
  I would imagine there are several methods for doing this:
  -calling their offices and asking, (but first need the phone number,
   not to mention the name, but these are probably more easily obtained)
  -doing a search on the Internet for the names, to return the email address
   (no doubt this would not get all, but might be a good start as a
    "shotgun" approach?)
  -Has someone already started such a list?
  Basically, if the individual has an address, and it is obtainable
  by Beltway "outsiders", then it can be done.  The rest is just
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