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RE:DOJ Reply, More than IE

  Awsome idea!  At: http://www.netaction.org/  there is a table listing some
  of the companies in which M$ has invested, or bought.  Maybe a good place
  to start.  
  We've already heard about Visual Studio & Cybermedia.
  The President of the Philippines has announced he's going for M$ software
  for government use.
  There's a UK anti-M$ site also, but haven't found any specific company
  bundles or tying mentioned there.  It's at:
  I can't figure out why every IBM Aptiva I checked out the other day at
  local retail outlets all had Windows95 and none had OS/x Warp of any variety.
  Claire Macdonald
  Milton Ponson wrote:
  >Congrats are in order.
  >Following up on the DOJ reply how about making a systematic listing of
  >software and hardware technologies in which we know Microsoft/Bill Gates
  >is active?
  >On each category we can have people react with specific detailed
  >accounts of their experiences which indicate corporate behavior in
  >violation of free enterprise and/or representing monopolistic
  >So we need a categorical listing of hardware and software covering all
  >sectors of business, industry and commerce AND military applications.
  >Anyone out there know of a good systematic listing of hardware and
  >software we can start working on?
  >Let's put on our thinking caps and get to work.
  >The Internet is all about democratic principles, empowerment and
  >collaboration, transcending national borders.
  >Let's NOT limit ourselves to the USA but also get Europe, Latin America,
  >Asia and Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand) jump on the
  >The AM-INFO list should be made known in other continents.
  >The DOJ will be very sensitive to FOREIGN input.
  >Milton Ponson
  >Techne Data
  >claribba wrote:
  >> I received this email from the DOJ:
  >> >antitrust enforcement.
  >> >
  >> >The Antitrust Division
  >> >U.S. Department of Justice
  >> >
  >> >
  >> I do hope that those of you who can, will contact the DOJ of any concerns
  >> you have with monopolies and business practices, not just Internet
  > .
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