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  On Fri, 5 Dec 1997 02:19:40 -0500 (EST), Matt Gilbert wrote:
  >>This may have come about in a fairly innocent fashion when ISP's were 
  >>running out of fixed IP addresses from the internic 
  >Is that what happened? I always thought the fixed IPs were eliminated 
  >because they provided too much opportunity to hurt the bottom line of the 
  >long distance phone industry. Didn't anyone else find the timing of the 
  >end of the fixed IP and the acquisition of the Internet by MCI, Sprint, 
  >etc. to be suspicious?
       Actually besides allowing ISPs to signup more dialup customers
  than the number of IP addresses they've been assigned (no ISP wants to
  have a limit to the number of customers they can have) dynamic IP
  addresses are easier (aka cheaper) to route.  What most ISPs do is
  assign IP addresses to each modem, that way the routing is always the
  same.  So although each customer's hostname doesn't change their IP
  address will be determined by which specific modem they're connected
  to, and with a 'modem pool' there's no way to select which modem will
  pickup the call.
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