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ZDnet Poll "Expired"

  I received a reply to my first request for an explanation of the static
  nature of their BG/MS vs DOJ poll. It was referred from their Forum
  through an intermediary to the Executive Producer,  Patrick Houston 
  His explanation and solution;
  >     Thanks for you note. The reason that your vote wasn't recorded is that
  >the poll has expired. We'll correct this situation by adding an expiration
  >date to the page.
  >Patrick Houston
  >Executive Producer
  >ZDNet News (ZDNN)
  To which I replied 
  Mr. Houston,
  First,  let me thank you for getting back to me.
  Second,  when did you open and close this poll?
  Third, do you really think that adding an "expiration date" is sufficient, 
  given that the appearance and "response" of the active links still gives 
  the impression of an interactive site? 
  I would suggest a more thorough "rewrite" of that page and its links so that
  1) you eliminate what appears to be the option of entering a vote 
      (the vote entry options and "vote" button)
  2) you replace them with a link to the "results",  posted as a final tally along
      side the information I requested (date and duration of poll data collection), and
  3) clearly note that this is a final static tally, and the "vote" is over.
  Otherwise, you are still publishing a rather misleading document.
  Thank you for your initial response and consideration of my requests above.
  I shall forward any additional reply. Perhaps other members of the list would
  prefer to add their own dialogue - directly to Mr. Houston with a cc: to the list?
  Glenn T. Livezey, Ph.D.
  Director of Perinatal Research
  Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  University of Nebraska Medical Center
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  Omaha, NE 68198-3255
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