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Re: Trip Report: Nader's conference on Microsoft

  In reply to Norm's message sent 12/3/97 6:13 AM:
  >     I don't know if you intended it to be but your statement that
  >standards are "enforced" is more accurate than you may have originally
  >thought ;-).  The truth is that when you're talking about what M$ has
  >been doing the word "standard" is a real misnomer, something like "M$'s
  >way" would be more accurate.  The word "standard" implies an agreed
  >upon method for doing something when what we really have is a single
  >company that's dictating what methods will be used, and when those
  >methods will be changed.  The fact is that there is no standard, only
  >M$'s proprietary methods that are subject to change whenever they feel
  >the need to increase revenue with a new "upgrade". 
  You make an excellent point. Microsoft does not so much set standards as 
  they enforce their methods, which are churned constantly, effectively 
  replacing the earlier methods with new ones at irregular intervals.
     Mitch Stone
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     have enough information. -- Silicon Valley Saying
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