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RE: Speaker Copies?

  Good observation, it would be nice to see the conferees' comments memorialized in print. However, there was a great deal of spontaneous dialog, and Q&A sessions that would be lost.
  What do you use for a system? Enabling sound, RA, etc. should not be a big project. There are increasing numbers of interviews and commentaries in sound archives that may be of interest now and as things move along. If I can be of help, let me know.
  I did find G. Reback's talk on MS's gross margin (90+ %) remarkable. The latest 10-K filing that is available at Edgar on the net does not show this. Do you think there a bit of "who's ox is getting gored" in the browser wars? If I hear you correctly, and from what I see, perhaps more should see the light of day as it applies to the whole industry and it's peculiar dynamics. The focus wanders back to Netscape, probably because they are under siege and are still viable. 
  In my state there is a statue, Chapter 93A, which allows consumers or commercial entities to bring issues before the Court on claims of unfair or deceptive business practices, allowing for treble damages and other rewards as the Court may see fit. One landmark decision early in the life of 93A, applying to a business to business dispute, implied that the standard for unfair or deceptive needed to be "sufficient to raise the eyebrow of one inured to the rough and tumble world of (today's) commercial transactions".  Are not the real numbers important here along with the analysis of ethics?
  I think the bar is being raised a bit. I would venture to say that it is also inevitable given the stakes and possibilities in a digital commerce world. I would hope that it remains open enough to continue to drive our domestic innovation, about the best there is... now.  I do feel that at some point there is a diminishing return of efficiency from intense competition in bit based industries (to it's consumers 'and' creators), unlike atom based or service industries. The market is just becoming more enlightened, but it is still very complacent and fascinated, allowing these anomalies to exist, and the market will probably continue to be fully exploited, with each enhancement regardless of the source, for it's dependencies on invested capital and time.
  _P.A. Petricone
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          Speakers usually bring with them a written text and are more than
  happy to provide a copy to their hosts, to the press, and so on.  
          Did none of the speakers at Ralph's conference here provide such a
  written text?  Have they been asked for a copy?
          Charles Mueller, Editor
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  We would love to have transcripts... but this isn't in the budget at
  this time.  It's expensive.  Maybe someone will donate the transcription
  services.  To get the audio, one needs a 486 computer with at least 8
  megs of ram, with a sound card (prices start at $20) and speakers
  (prices start at $12).  Free software from www.real.com is also
  charles mueller wrote:
  >         Some of us don't have the equipment to listen to the computer audio
  > tapes of Ralph's Microsoft conference.  Is a written version going to be
  > made available?
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