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1228 stories of MS anti-competitive behavior can't all be wrong

  >From MacOSRumors:
  >After sifting through over 1,200 messages sent in by readers over
  >the past several days since Rumors ran with an update story on
  >the topic of possible efforts by Microsoft to develop ways to
  >underhandedly build market share for its Internet Explorer
  >(MSIE) and Internet Information Server (IIS) Products, the
  >conclusions seem inescapable: Microsoft appears to have indeed
  >implemented at least two ways in which it can make other
  >companies' and organizations' web browsers and servers seem
  >slower and less compatible, when in fact it may be Microsoft's
  >own products causing the problems in a fashion that is 
  Now granted, these are Mac users and all, but 1228 instances? This might 
  be worth a check-out.
  PS this story will probably be archived on Dec. 2nd. If you look for it 
  on the 2nd, you might have to click on the link at the end of the page, 
  "Yesterday's News".
  Matt Gilbert