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Re: New ZD Net Poll

  MachCU@aol.com forwarded the following
  >In a message dated 11/26/97 6:38:45 PM, jnelson@bga.com wrote:
  >>>ZD Net has another interesting poll on the whole Microsoft/DOJ affair...
  >>>perhaps the EvangeListas should check it out?
  >>The question: Is Bill Gates guilty of using its monopoly
  >>power to kill its competition or are they just smarter
  >>than everybody else?
  >From:	jnelson@bga.com (John N. Bryan)
  I don't know what an EvangeLista is, but it might interest one and all to note
  that the "polls" results remain the same AFTER you vote as before
  GUILTY -----------1201 (48%)
  NOT GUILTY ---1320 (52%)
  I checked the results before voting. I voted and checked the results after
  voting. When my vote wasn't registered (even though it indicated that was
  what I just did), I switched to another machine and repeated the "experiment",
  same results.
  GUILTY -----------1201 (48%)
  NOT GUILTY ---1320 (52%)
  Is this the new math, another Intel coprocessor bug, another NT "security
  feature", or perhaps its just MICROSOFT MATH = WE'RE SO BIG ONE 
  the scheme) OF THINGS.
  All fun aside, perhaps ZDNet would like to supply the answer to this one.
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