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Re: Supply and Demand

  In reply to Robert Mark Waugh's message sent 11/26/97 4:35 PM:
  >> No, they never had that particular opportunity. Before Microsoft began
  >> the integration effort, though, they did give away the product.
  >Netscape does not have the source code to any operating system, since 
  >does not produce operating systems.  Therefore, it is impossible to integrate
  >it's browser into the operating system.
  My point exactly. Netscape cannot be credited for failing to take 
  advantage of a position leverage they never had.
  >Netscape did give away the browser a couple of years ago when Netscape was
  >still a venture capital based company, as part of the venture agreement. 
  >Since then, Netscape has had to actually make a profit because, as I 
  >above, Netscape doesn't have an existing monopoly to leverage it's products
  Navigator is still effectively free to most customers. At best, it is 
  more like shareware than a commercial product. Again, the case against 
  leverage is distinct and separate. I am simply asking if it is ethical 
  and/or legal under any circumstances to use a product give-away in order 
  to establish market share. Are you defending Microsoft's right to give 
  away IE, provided they don't leverage the giveaway with the OS?
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