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Re: Monopolizing the conversation

  On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:36:06 -0500 (EST), Mitch Stone wrote:
  >Cnet just published a terrific opinion piece by Margie Wylie. Well worth 
  >a look. 
  >Monopolizing the conversation 
  >November 26, 1997 
  >Microsoft earlier this month publicly chastised Ralph Nader for creating 
  >a "witch hunt atmosphere" with an "ambush" disguised as a conference in 
  >Washington, D.C. 
  >Boo-hoo. Poor Microsoft.
  >Sure, Nader portrayed a slanted view of the company and its practices. 
  >Still, it's hard to whip up a lot of sympathy for a company that's been 
  >monopolizing the conversation in the computer industry so thoroughly and 
  >for so long when it's finally on the receiving end.
  >   Mitch Stone
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  Right on , Mitch, and bo-hoo again for $40+ billion.
  Have a happy Thanksgiving.
  All the best,