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Re: Supply and Demand

  In reply to Norm's message sent 11/26/97 3:34 AM:
  >     Allow me to play the 'devil's advocate' to the M$ position, if
  >what they say about the other products is true why are they 'dumping'
  >IE and why bother to fight the DOJ over whether or not it's bundled??? 
  >If M$ was telling the truth (fat chance) everyone would *CHOOSE* to use
  >IE so there'd be no need for all this fuss, but since that's not the
  >case (ie. M$ is lying AGAIN) they're going to pull every dirty trick
  >they can think of to force everyone to use it.  If everyone WANTED to
  >use IE all this fuss over it would be moot.
  To someone who does not already subscribe to this view of events, it is 
  an awfully hard sell. (Take my word for it.) The leveraging questions 
  aside for the moment, it does appear at least superficially that Netscape 
  engaged in nearly identical "dumping" tactics in order to promote 
  Navigator. (Honestly, how many people actually pay for it?) The argument 
  that all of their competitors were too weak to matter simply does not 
  wash. This is a fundimental question, and it pays for us to have a clear 
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