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Re: Supply and Demand

  On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 17:37:36 -0500 (EST), dski@cameonet.cameo.com.tw
  >I am amazed that no one has mentioned this bit of information from Mitch
  >Stone's Web site (I've reformatted it because my browser doesn't do tables):
  >   Company    Product                Transaction                        Year
  >   --------   --------------------   --------------------------------   ----
  >   Spyglass   Web browser software   Purchased software. In 1997        1995
  >              application, became    Spyglass alleged that Microsoft
  >              Internet Explorer.     was withholding royalty payments
  >                                     and requested an audit.
  >..or the Microsoft timelines at http://www.windowswatcher.com/resources/
  >-- where the earliest references to Explorer and the Internet are these:
  >   Nov-95  Product Ship:  Internet Explorer 2.0
  >   Aug-94  History:  Gates announces that Microsoft will become a dominant
  >           presence on the Internet with its planned interactive service,
  >           Microsoft Network.
       Sure we have, it's just been indirectly.  What's been said is that
  the M$ claim that the DOJ already knew of their plans to incorporate IE
  into future versions of wondoze is nothing but a big fat bold-faced
  *LIE*.  All the above information does is prove that they're lying, but
  there's really mountains of evidence that it's a lie.  The fact that M$
  would tell such bold-faced lies when there's so much proof out there
  just shows how little respect they have for the average user's
  intelligence...they're counting on the vast majority of consumers being
  idiots, but the trouble is that up until recently these same consumers
  have been proving that M$ is correct in its' assumption.
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