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Re: Supply and Demand

  Mitch:  I don't recall anyone paying for Spyglass or Mosaic until after Netscape
  started charging for Navigator...
  Mitch Stone wrote:
  > In reply to MachCU@aol.com's message sent 11/25/97 9:55 AM:
  > >>I accept most of what you say, but allow me to pose the devil's advocate
  > >>question: Were there not several browsers on the market when Navigator
  > >>arrived on the scene, and didn't Netscape essentially drive them out?
  > >
  > >Ah, but the difference is that Netscape drove them out on a level playing
  > >field.  Microsoft has a monopoly in the OS market, so they are not on level
  > >playing fields.
  > With all this talk about "level playing fields" I beginning to wonder how
  > I'd recognize one if I saw it. Netscape _did_ give away its browser, thus
  > building a large market for browsers, but at the same taking out the
  > smaller players.
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