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Re: Supply and Demand

  Robert Waugh (rmw@netscape.com) wrote --
  > What's more, there were no commercial web browsers to be had at that time
  > (despite the Microsoft statement that they had a commercial web browser in
  > 1993, which is just ridiculous).
  I am amazed that no one has mentioned this bit of information from Mitch
  Stone's Web site (I've reformatted it because my browser doesn't do tables):
     Company    Product                Transaction                        Year
     --------   --------------------   --------------------------------   ----
     Spyglass   Web browser software   Purchased software. In 1997        1995
                application, became    Spyglass alleged that Microsoft
                Internet Explorer.     was withholding royalty payments
                                       and requested an audit.
  ...or the Microsoft timelines at http://www.windowswatcher.com/resources/
  -- where the earliest references to Explorer and the Internet are these:
     Nov-95  Product Ship:  Internet Explorer 2.0
     Aug-94  History:  Gates announces that Microsoft will become a dominant
             presence on the Internet with its planned interactive service,
             Microsoft Network.
  Dan Strychalski