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Re: Nation piece

  In reply to Roberto Di Cosmo's message sent 11/24/97 3:28 AM:
  >I never said "idiots". I just want to point out that there is a big
  >difference between a tomato and a hi-fi and a car and a computer and an OS.
  >People should not be afraid to recognize their ignorance and clearly
  >understand the procedure they follow to try and make an informed decision.
  >This is typically done by means of reading specialized press, not by getting
  >a degree in electronic engineering and carefully studying the blueprints of
  >all available hi-fi components. The same applies to cars.
  >The same applies to computers.
  >Only, the difference is, "specialized" computer press is largely of no value
  >to consumers (I am sorry for the maybe few writers lurking here that may feel
  >offended: I have nothing personal against them, I know they have to follow
  >"higher-up" instructions taken by people that only look at the amount
  >of advertising flowing in).
  Perhaps. But in these other markets you mention, no "default" choice 
  exists (in other words, the markets exhibit the beneficial 
  characteristics of competition). If one car manufacturer held a 90% 
  market share, very few consumers would trouble themselves with careful 
  shopping for that product -- the more prevalent car would be so 
  omnipresent, most people would feel obligated to buy it.
     Mitch Stone
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