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Re: A Post from Ralph?

  On Thu, 20 Nov 1997 19:53:14 -0500 (EST), charles mueller wrote:
  >        It would be nice to have a post from Ralph, one giving us a personal
  >assess- ment of his 'Appraising Microsoft' conference of November 13 and 14,
  >along with what he has in mind for the future in regard to Microsoft and his
  >ideas for the reform of U.S. antimonopoly policy in general.
  >        Charles Mueller, Editor
  >        http://webpages.metrolink.net/~cmueller
  I concur.  I missed anything that may have been on television.  Any more
  show of hands?
  Erick Andrews
  PS.  I think this would be useful, however subjective, since I get nearly 50 
  e-mails a day on this list, but may miss a significant one.