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Re: Something for the techies to chew on

  On Wed, 19 Nov 1997 10:19:18 -0500 (EST), moonwolf@earthling.net wrote:
  >Here's a post I just got in from a webmaster's list.  I
  >thought the techies here would be interested, and it is of
  >general interest to the background of this ongoing discussion.
  >It particularly concerns security.  My question is why does
  >Microsoft seem to keep on putting software on the market that
  >allows unimpeded access to a remote user's hard drive?  Do they
  >have a motive?
   [Story on cracking M$ web server snipped]
       I'm not at all surprised.  It seems that cracking/crashing NT
  servers is becoming something of a hobby for many.  The only relief I
  see for those running NT is that it's become so damn easy to crack that
  most hackers have since become bored with it and have since moved on to
  something offering a bit more of a challenge.
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