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RE: Interesting

  Just wondering if the graph included giveaway's of IE: like from MS;
  included as a CD with Win95; downloads from /microsoft.com; and or other
  software vendors who include an IE CD as a necessary component,[ or parts
  of IE as necessary], of their own non-internet-related program?  And
  freebies from ISP's of either IE or Netscape?
  Or does it represent actual units sold?
  Thanks for mentioning what the attachment was.  Normally I trash them
  without looking at them.
  Claire Macdonald
  >I've been watching this discussion for a month now (and going kinda
  >crazy with all the emails..but I'll put up with it), and will start
  >posting soon. Just thought some of you might like to see a browser
  >analysis of a typical consumer web site. Remember, MS claims they own
  >50% of the market..
  >I have attached a graph of our consumer site "8a". The chart is in GIF
  >format so anyone can view it in their browser.
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