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FW: Appraissing M$ successfullness

  Luc-Etienne BRACHOTTE writes:
  >M$ has failed to sell successfully some products :
  >* other platforms
  >   - Windows NT ??
  Well, don't have solid facts but I'd thought NT sales was
  largely responsible for the recent disclosure that Gate's
  net worth ballooned to 44 Billion (of which a lot is MS stock -
  which brings up another point, if NT is such a lousy
  product why do private financiers bid up the price of MS
  stock to the 130's?).
  HOWEVER - NT was originally poised to take over the world
  by running on Intel/Alpha/PowerPC & MIPS, but that threat
  has been alleviated - support for PowerPC and MIPS has been
  dropped, leaving the world safe for IRIX and PowerMacs to
  survive on their own merits. So NT/Mips and NT/PowerPC 
  should definitely be on the list.