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Re: Your Microsoft Alternative to Antitrust

  On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 18:21:26 -0500 (EST), charles mueller wrote:
  >        It's real competition the software industry needs, in my view--half
  >a dozen or more aggressive firms in each of its various markets
  >(niches)--not a collusive consortium, whether of producers or users. 
       I agree 100%.  As much as I dislike M$ I still believe they're
  entitled to compete fairly with everyone else in the market, but IMO the
  problem is that M$ doesn't want to compete fairly and has pulled every
  trick in the book to stifle any competition.  
       As I've mentioned before the problem is that M$ does their best to
  make sure that their products do *NOT* have to compete on their own
  merit.  Instead of trying to produce the best product M$ uses their
  lawyers and their PR machine to keep their products from having to go up
  against any competitors products on a level playing field.  Hell, if they
  spent as much money on product development as they did on lawyers and
  marketing they might even be able to compete with other products on their
  merits, but as long as they can use illegal OEM contracting and
  questionable license agreements to keep their competitors from getting a
  fair shake they'll probably keep releasing products that are mediocre at
  best (it was Dollar Bill himself that said that their products only need
  be "good enough", not great).
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