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Re: Nader Conference? (A view from someone who was there...)

  At 08:22 -0500 11/15/97, Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  >We had 40 registered press at our "Ralph Nader Doesn't Speak For Me!" press
  >conference. We actually had more "plants" from the Nader orgs (two--as best
  >as I could determine) than from any MS sources. One from MSNBC [...]
  I once worked with the reporter who was there from MSNBC. I'd hardly
  describe him as a "MS plant." Not only was he the fellow who introduced me
  to Nader lieutenant Jamie Love, but he's even written on the dangers of
  infomonopoly for Nader pubs, including some issues that were distributed at
  the conference.
  >Mr. Nader and his cadre of highly-paid, "professional gunslingers" are very
  >skilled in representing the views of minority special interests.
  What's your source on "highly-paid?"