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RE: is this true?

  At 11:32 PM 11/14/97 -0500, claribba wrote:
  >I received the following message from Ben Leal at MS.com.
  >Guess our emails are being monitored?  Couldn't get the link to bring up
  >anything on this subject, even checking the archives for 10/97.
  >Claire Macdonald
  >>		If you want to see what is happening on you system check out
  This links to a page with a utility called RegMon, written by
  a couple of NT gurus, and featured by Win95 expert Brian Livingston in his
  in Windows Sources magazine. You can also find this utility at their site
  at http://www.ntinternals.com (choose Windows95 Utils on the main menu.)
  However, as I posted before, this misses the point. Scanning for registry
  will not detect the alleged MSN or MSIE misbehaviors. 
  (It would not even have detected the Registration Wizard (mis)behavior that
  Schulman discovered, since that is a read only activity that does not
  change the 
  registry. RegMon is an excellent tool for what it was designed for: to help 
  IS professionals do application integration and solve support issues
  related to 
  system & registry settings by figuring out what the heck happens to the 
  registry when you change something. It is definitely worth having.)
  However, you might use the tool FileMon, also available at
  to monitor accesssing of files, if, for instance, you want to see what is 
  happening to the MSIE cache files, or what that "mysterious" whirling of
  your disk is (usually fastfind importunely indexing).
  In general, the NTInternals site is a great source of information about
  many of the little or un- documented aspects of Win95 & NT. They have
  even gotten in trouble a couple times with MS for publishing utilities
  that are ..umm ..a little too internal; a sure sign they are doing a great
  Randolph W. Thornton
  President, The LAN Guide Company