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Re: Interesting Reading

  Interesting. Surprised not to see Cato as well. Where do the Progress and
  Freedom Foundation and Newt-compadre Jeff Eisenach stand?
  At 21:07 -0500 11/14/97, Tod Landis wrote:
  >>From a letter to Jamie Love from Jack Krumholtz,
  >Director of Federal Government Affairs at Microsoft,
  >here is a list of speakers Microsoft wanted to speak at
  >Nader's conference:
  >   Greg Sidek, American Enterprise Institute
  >   Peter Huber, The Manhattan Institute
  >   Adam Thierer, The Heritage Foundation
  >   Fred Smith, The Competitive Enterprise Institute
  >   Charles Rule, Covington & Burling
  >You can confirm this for yourself at:
  >        http://www.microsoft.com/corpinfo/11-7Krumholtzltr.htm
  >Tod Landis