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FW: The term "operating system"

  Christopher Pall[SMTP:x97pall@wmich.edu] writes:
  >>In a similar vein, the latest WindowsNT Magazine has an article detailing their lab tests
  >>pitting NT head-to-head w/ NetWare 4.11. The only reason I'd take their conclusions >over
  >>yours is that they detail exactely how the experiment was done, what equipment and
  >>software was used, what was measured and how the data was interpreted. One of the
  >>principles of science is that I could recreate and independantly verify the experiment
  >>and it's results.
  >To think, a windows NT magazine found NT beating Novell software, wow, must have been a tremendous
  >leap for them. Where is the URL for this comparison? I'll help you read through their "results"
  Heh, a very legit response! But like I said, anybody (with the time and resources) can do the
  tests themselves.
    - but they haven't posted the data on the web yet. The bastards want us to go out and buy the atoms.