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Re: Opinion

  >In a similar vein, the latest WindowsNT Magazine has an article
  detailing their lab tests
  >pitting NT head-to-head w/ NetWare 4.11. The only reason I'd take their
  conclusions >over
  >yours is that they detail exactely how the experiment was done, what
  equipment and
  >software was used, what was measured and how the data was interpreted.
  One of the
  >principles of science is that I could recreate and independantly verify
  the experiment
  >and it's results.
  To think, a windows NT magazine found NT beating Novell software, wow,
  must have been a tremendous leap for them. Where is the URL for this
  comparison? I'll help you read through their "results"
  > I used to admire Netware's approach of running all processes in
  processor ring0 just for
  > the shear, raw performance - but this 'shields down' approach means
  that any module can take
  > down the whole server, which is fine if your running a production
  server w/ known, well tested
  > modules. But I just want to have processes 'compartmentalized' and
  isolated, running in
  > their own memory space - what IBM used to advertise as 'Crash
  Oh yeah, just because NT runs it's processes in their own memory spaces
  it's crash-proof. Here's an URL for YOU.
  It's an entire website dedicated to crashing windows NT, infilitrating
  security, and whatnot. Novell is a far superior technology for a very
  simple, logical, practical reason. It has been around since the
  beginning of PC networks, and is tried and true. NT performance is
  laughable. But talk about MS marketing techniques and the humor stops.
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA