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Re: arrogance toward customers

  Y'know, there's a point that has to be made here.  i think it's
  a telling one.  You'll note the "Team OS/2" in my signature.
  That means, of course, that I am an active member of a team
  that seeks to advance OS/2 use.  You will also notice that it
  does NOT say Team IBM.  You will notice that our friends, the
  Linux proponents, also do not support any single _company_,
  rather they support an idea and the software that comes from
  it.  The same is true of Team OS/2.  Yet, you can cast about
  forever, but you won't find a Team Win 95 or 97 or NT.  You
  WILL find a Team Gates though.
  Hmmm.  That's a hot one that I'll leave for someone else.
  Point is, that you'll never find a Team Win 95 because
  Microsoft's policy is to invalidate software periodically to
  get consumers to buy the new version.  There's no profit in a
  Team Win 95 or 97 or NT for King Billy.  There _is_ a profit in
  a Team Gates though.
  So, on one side you have people who struggle to be heard
  because of an idea and the result  --  while on the other you
  have people stampeding to crush anything non-Gates-Approved.
  OK.  It is rather simplistic, and I haven't fleshed it out in
  the best of terms . . . but complexity does not equal
  truth.  Often it is the simplest things which are the actual
  Team OS/2
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