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MS's response to Nader

  Has anyone read this thing? Does MS really believe that all they have to do to
  discredit MS critics is say (1) they are our competitor or (2) they don't know
  the field?
  Please...MS has made almost everyone in the industry their competitor. If
  companies that weren't MSs competitors were the only ones allowed to speak,
  how many companies would that leave?
  The whole tone of the response smacks of fascism. Why can't MSs critics speak
  out a conference about what MS does? MS certainly has enough $$ and enough
  media outlets to get their message across. For God's sake, they're the only
  computer company that has their own friggin' CABLE channel, MSNBC.
  The article is an insult to free-thinking consumers, which, fortunately for
  MS, there are very few of left anymore.
  By the way, the MS response can be found at:
  I've clearly gotten just about to the point that MS sickens me, and I'm not
  able to even discuss them without becoming a bit ill.
  Linux is free. Life is good.