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Re: The Other Side

  Okay, so they're libertarians. Great.
  > Personally I believe that individuals and groups are able to adopt
  > //principled// positions -- no matter who's funding them. One of these
  > principled positions at groups like Cato and CEI, adopted because
  > theindividuals and economists there honestly believe it's best, is
  > or abolishment of antitrust laws. The groups would take the same
  position no
  > matter who was funding them.
  My question is not what they are, but who they are. Is CEI a citizens
  group? Are
  they looking out for me? I think not. They are looking out for the
  economy, which
  in the wonderful world of reaganomics, has a trickle-down effect to
  benefit me.
  The common thread between the right-wing and libertarians is they look
  out for
  business. This seems an irony that the ones with the money (read power)
  need a
  voice like CEI.
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA