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IE bundling

  First off- what a marvelous range of opinions; It's great to see such
  grass roots mobilization against the evil
  empire. That being said, I have a few thoughts of my own I'd like to
  share, so here's my  two cents...
  If M$' intent was to purport that I.E. was, and always has been,
  integral to the OS, why the need for the inclusion of I.E. 1.0/2.0 in
  the Plus! widget set? How could M$ "forget" to include in the original
  build such a supposedly "critical" component of a product release whose
  hype was unheard of to date? It staggers me that the Redmonites think us
  all that stupid or that their release control and QA is so
  poor...Furthermore, having built many computers over the last few years,
  why does the M$ OEM Win '95 disk set, consisting of 12 install disks and
  one boot disk, have the I.E. package of 4 disks separate (in its own
  shrinkwrap)  in the box? I can't believe no one has recognized the
  hypocrisy of that move... To me, this is as simple and lucid an example
  of M$' culpability as was Richard Feyneman's "O" ring in a glass of cold
  water example relative to NASA's role in the "Challenger" accident. It's
  seems pretty clear to this old hack that M$ never intended an
  integration, was left at the gate regarding the net, and is now trying
  to capture market share with its typical bombast and half truths... If
  you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with ....
  Also, I've picked up a copy of Red Hat Linux, and I'm wondering what
  productivity apps are availabl. Unfortunately, I still work in an MS
  Office env., so compatibility is an issue. I've seen a lot of Linux
  advocates out there, so how do I get things cranked up? I know I can use
  Netscape, but what else? Also, Any special system config I should know
  about? I was thinking of running a 486/133 with 64Mb RAM (these are very
  reliable motherboards I get locally-(too many probs with the hacker 586
  stuff)) and a 2.0 GB HD, along with the usual PCI stuff.
  Thanks, and my apologies for the techie stuff in an issues forum!
  Jeff Wasel