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Re: Microsoft Kills Office Licensing

  Addressed to: kclark@computek.net
  ** Reply to note from kclark@computek.net Wed, 12 Nov 1997 00:07:02 -0500 (EST)
  >You can
  >say, "Just buy Corel or Claris"..but our responsibility is to our clients,
  >and guess what they know, like, and demand?  That's right, Microsoft
  >I am taking other actions to rally support against Microsoft in this case,
  >and to persuade them to reconsider.  But if anyone here could pass on some
  >email addresses or phone numbers of Microsoft executives I would be most
  I'd be willing to bet that they "know, like and demand" MS-Word
  ONLY because they don't know anything else, and that they've
  fallen for all of MS' media hype.  That is not a statement
  belittling them in any way.  Rather, it is a statement of the
  power of Microsoft to twist the consumer's perceived reality
  to their advantage.
  Show them what else is out there.  They'll be amazed at how
  much better the other offerings are.
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