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Re: Letter to Reno

  Thanks Charles for the "strategy" compliment. It gives me heart that you've
  heard my message and share my concerns. As you can see, I'm sort of on a
  different soapbox from many in this list. My issues are much broader in
  nature and the ramifications of the failure to stop Microsoft much more
  Regarding your comments on "spreading the word", I think your right on
  target. While intellectual discussions amongst ourselves (all 270 of us!) on
  the list is invaluable, it's imperative that each of us, once we've
  formulated our personal perspective on the whole thing, to STOP "preaching
  to the choir" and branch outside. Otherwise there is a churning or mulching
  of issues going on that may only "educate" us!
  If our elected and appointed officials can see that there are hundreds of
  concerned citizens: from students, professors, business and information
  technology professionals, then perhaps (just maybe!) some actions may be
  Marvin C. Slayton, mailto:mcs@mail.scsinfo.com
  Structured Computer Systems, Inc., http://www.scsinfo.com
  30 Tower Lane, Avon, CT 06001
  phone: 860.677.0222,  fax: 860.677.7157
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  From: charles mueller <cmueller@metrolink.net>
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  Date: Tuesday, November 11, 1997 6:51 PM
  Subject: Letter to Reno
  >        I'm impressed by the savvy strategy of Marvin Slayton (below)--a
  >letter to the U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, with a copy to Ralph
  >Nader's operative in charge of his Microsoft Conference on Thursday and
  >Friday.  It's so sensible we should all have thought of it instanter.  You
  >can rest assured that Bill Gates' lawyers will comb through the archives of
  >this list, codify every criticism, computerize and classify every scrap and
  >tidbit of information you've contributed.  But will the Justice lawyers do
  >the same?   Hardly.  As bureaucrats with no real commitment to the
  >goal of a level playing field in the economic world, they'll do the 9-to-5
  >minimum and avoid anything so tedious as poring through all of our hundreds
  of posts looking for critical leads and insights.