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Re: Who Is Bundling?

  On Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:01:37 -0500 (EST), Christopher Pall wrote:
  >Well, the real issue here is whether or not Microsoft is integrating the ActiveX
  >platform with other products so that it can take advantadge of it's monopoly on the OS.
  >And the answer here is (as usual) Yes! MS, by interleaving every product they have with
  >ActiveX, everyone who doesn't know how to install a plug-in or doesn't want to purchase
  >the additional plug-in, must use MSIE or select a non-MS product for their
  >Word-Processor, Development System, Publishing System, yada yada yada. Think software
  >is where this is ending? Of course not? As mentioned in other threads... Microsoft is
  >trying to make this a even more mute-choice by out-and-out bribery by their recent
  >acquisitions of TCI, Comcast, etc... Now you will be "influenced" to use MSIE to view
  >ABCNews, do your banking. Ahh, the choice is so much easier for us now.
       What people need to do is refuse to go along with it.  Instead of
  just quietly finding another news source or bank you need to tell
  ABCNews that you're not going to be using them along with TELLING your
  bank that if they don't find another way to access their system you're
  going to find another bank.
       Part of the problem is that these companies think they can take
  the M$ bribe without any downside.  Keeping silent is only going to
  place your stamp of approval on these practices, and unless these
  companies hear from those who are unhappy with their actions they won't
  believe there's actually a price to pay for taking M$ bribes.  Although
  I definitely agree that the DOJ needs to put an end to M$ bribes, until
  something's done all the 'non-lemmings' need to let it be known that if
  a company makes it so you MUST use a M$ product to do business with
  them that you'll take your business elsewhere.