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Help a Net Reporter?

          Would anybody like to help out the reporter who sent me the following?
          Charles Mueller, Editor
  Return-Path: <Maria_Seminerio@zd.com>
  Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:03:24 -0500
  From: Maria Seminerio <Maria_Seminerio@zd.com>
  Subject: questions for news story
  To: cmueller@metrolink.net
  X-Lotus-FromDomain: ZIFF-DAVIS@INET
  Hello -
  I saw your postings on the FindLaw antitrust mailing lists, and I wanted to
  ask you a few questions for a story I'm doing on the Microsoft response to
  the DOJ lawsuit. I write for a technology news Web site called ZDNet News
  (www.zdnn.com). I'm curious to get reaction from experts such as yourself
  as to Microsoft's arguments in the response - do you believe the company
  has explained itself adequately? Concerning the "integration" argument, is
  the whole case essentially moot when you consider that the earlier consent
  decree may not have any impact on what Microsoft does with Windows 98?
  What's your opinion of the way the DOJ has conducted this case so far?
  Any help you can offer is much appreciated. If you could jot off a few
  notes and respond via E-mail or call me at 617-383-3889, that would be