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Personal Attacks

  I am not too keen on Netiquette, as  you can tell from my
  long-winded posts.
  However, the ad hominem stuff is tiresome and juvenile.
  In Soccer foul and abusive language, up to and including, a
  non-verbal "evil eye" stare is a direct penalty kick. The
  least dissent at the ref's call is a yellow card. So much as
  blink an eye at that, and you are out of the game.
  In Aristotle's poetics and politics alike, you are supposed
  to make fun of the high and mighty lest their pride bring
  tragedy down on them and everybody around them. So, make fun
  of Bill GATES or Janet RENO by all means. You may be doing
  them a favor, if  you can be entertaining about it.
  But, I am tired of attacks on the business and professional
  credentials of MS apologists on this forum. This is not a
  trial and they are not expert witnesses. There is no shame
  in apologetics either.
  So, they can puff their credentials or those as disagree
  with them can delve into their background. Either one should
  be discounted altogether, since there is no Speaker or
  Referee to penalize it. We should not forget that in a
  parliament or a conclave the truth should rise and float
  above all of us wretched fools like a dove.
  This is not a moderated forum. But, the least courtesy would
  be to refrain from saying anything deprecatory about anyone
  else in the forum and posting to subject titles which might
  inform one as to the topic of a post.
  Am I the only one who feels this way? Note the following
  signature phrase carefully:
  PLAYON JRBehrman sends.....
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  fn:             John Robert BEHRMAN
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  email;internet: jbehrman@netropolis.net
  title:          Chief Analyst
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  tel;fax:        713 610 1161
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