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Re: Fw: I'm behind you all the way.

  Good letter. Keep pointing out that the nature of software does nothing to
  obviate the validity of plain, old common carriage regulation and anti-trust
  law. In fact, Shannon's Law is a parody of thermodynamics.
  Steam, sail, rail, IP, a packet, is a packet, is a packet. Baudot code is what,
  100 years old? So, 5-bits, 8-bits, 16-bits, 32-bits, does this progression
  really change everything?
  Lenin thought so, figured quantitative change became qualitative change. Was he
  I do not think so. Plus ca change, plus ca meme, as we say down on the Brazos.
  Marvin C. Slayton wrote:
  > >Attorney General Janet Reno,
  > >
  > >I personally applaud and support your recent actions against Microsoft.I've
  > >been in the computer industry for 27 years and spent considerable time
  > >during my college years studying monopolies as part of my course work for my
  > >degree. Although we're in the information age rather than the steel,
  > >automotive, and transportation era, the issues are the same and the wolf
  > >just as black.
  > >