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Re: Software Tax deductions

  I wanted to clarify a small point and I apologize to the listmembers if
  this is getting somewhat off topic [?]
  pollack@cs.brandeis.edu wrote..
  >Of course you can call the free apple to each school similarly
  I did not remember that Apple ever gave away computers to schools so I did
  some research:
  In every case but one, Apple did not give away computers to schools..they
  always had to be "purchased" in exchange for some kind of "points"..
  I remember the Safeway and some markets ran an "Apple for the Schools"
  program...for every dollar of money spent at a participating grocery store,
  some money was credited to a designated school for use in purchasing
  Also, now Apple has a program where - when individuals buy computers, they
  can designate a school to receive credits worth 10% of that purchase price
  toward a purchase, by the school, of an Apple computer.
  Before I posted this, I sent an e-mail to Guy Kawasaki to check it out. He
  replied in response to the question "did Apple ever donate computers to
  >Years ago, we did something like this for CA only, I think. The person
  >who ran it was:
  [snip: name of person only]
  >One difference is that hardware really "costs" whereas software is "just
  >disks and manuals" that you can "say" is worth $x.