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Re: NT/Nice Try

  Some more considerations:
  NT = New Technology     [?, similitudes to OS/2]
  NT = Never Terminated   [Yes]
  NT = Not sTable         [No, as file server, but Novell is better]
  [worst Virtual DOS machine...]
  NT = Not Terrific
  NT = Never Think        [Tip of the day: M$ thinks for you]
  NT = No securiTy        [Level C2 until you plug the network...
  what's a server without an net adapter ?]
  - LAN
  NT = NeTbios            [A very verbose protocol !]
  NT = Nothing To do      [Just can't create a group of groups...]
  NT = Not sTandard       [Is there a TCP/IP stack in it ? Does MS know what
  the adapter's mtu is ?]
  NT = No Keyboard        [Just the mouse, be happy to create 50 users]
  NT = No amelioraTions   [Same batches as DOS]
  NT = Not The same       [compare Full screen and window shells]
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