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Re: Consider this

  David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  > > Disney and Time Warner both today announced that they will be using
  > IE-only
  > > features to communicate their content. That really sucks.
  > >
  > Why does it suck?
  Because they are using proprietary features in what is supposed to be a
  standards-compliant area.
  > Would you feel the same way if the same folks had
  > taken advantage of a Netscape-only feature? Would you be up in arms
  > about that?
  Not only WOULD, but DID.  Before Microsoft became the "bad boy" of the
  Internet, Netscape was widely criticized for pushing Netscape-only
  extensions to HTML (like <center> and <blink>).
  > Features are there to be taken advantage of. That's why they are
  > developed.
  > If you don't like products that use certain features, you are free to
  > vote with your feet and not use them. Do you really think that the
  > government should be in the business of regulating software features?
  I've got no problem with new features.  What I do have a problem with is
  Microsoft using it's market advantage unfairly.

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