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RE: Macintosh alternative?

  I pose this is a question to the AntiTrust experts among us:
  Based on whatever precedents might exist in other industries, just what
  are the limits--if any--that govern behind the scenes collaboration
  between Microsoft, and its sole commercial competitor in the end-user
  desktop market?
  I ask this partly in response to (probably not well informed)
  observations made in computer industry publications that MS investment
  in Apple was meant to forestall further antitrust action.  (Though I bet
  no one who published such speculation knew any more about antitrust
  legislation than I do...)
  Matt Benjamin
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  > In the San Jose Mercury on Oct 25 1997, there was an article written
  > by E.
  > Richards..".Redmond Empire Grows Valley Roots".
  > There are now 800 MS employees working in the area from San Francisco
  > to
  > San Jose, which contains 'Silicon Valley' within its borders.
  > Eighty of these are working at Apple, with 60 more to come aboard
  > shortly.
  > For those who don't already have a Macintosh and want to, they will
  > now get
  > a WinMac/MacWin hybrid.
  > Bummer!
  > Claire Macdonald