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Alternatives to MS Products

  Ever since I swore off Microsoft Products last year, I have led a fuller
  and more productive life. I write this from my Power Computing (Alas, we
  hardly knew you) PowerBase 240/603, running MacOS 8. I have been able to
  find alternatives to all the MS products I used to use (Thank Gd for
  WordPerfect!), save one.. Excel. I loathe using MS Excel as much as any
  other MS product, even more so, since it installs countless extensions in
  my System Folder, and refuses to run if even one of these extensions (with
  cryptic names, and no description) is missing. I would so much like to
  replace this overweight, crash prone, piece of CrapWare from my Mac, but I
  can't, for lack of an alternative.
  Does anyone know of a powerful, full featured, Mac OS 8 friendly
  spreadsheet product, from a company who is committed to updating that
  product, up to and including a Rhapsody version?
  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  	Daniel Fox
  P.S. Steve Jobs has some big news up his sleeve at a press conference
  tomorrow. I know Apple climbed into bed with MS in August, but they are
  still a good hardware alternative for the home or educational user. I'll be
  watching, and I urge you to as well.
  (If you get this before the Monday stock market opens, here's a hint: Buy
  AAPL. Its on the NASDAQ)
  	Daniel J. Fox
  	Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
  	<mailto: djfox@bigfoot.com>
  	My current address, djf@djf.mail.net will only be active until
  December 31, 1997.
  	Between now and then, you can reach me at EITHER address.
  	After January 1, 1998, please use ONLY <djfox@bigfoot.com>