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Re: The refund story

  On Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:01:03 -0500 (EST), Chip Richards wrote:
  >I posted the message about the Windows95 refund on behalf of my partner, who
  >hasn't had time to participate in the list until now.  But given the
  >overwhelming positive response the message has received, she has decided to
  >join and share her thoughts directly.
  >I erred in failing to provide proper attribution to the original story.  I
  >just wish I had done something so cool myself. <grin>
  It may be useful as a "bottom-line" marketplace issue to develop a
  monetary loss argument based on two recent posts to this list.
  What Chip has posted, and what Roberto Di Cosmo posted about
  removing MS OSs (then forced to re-install your operating system
  of choice), that some quantification of the wasted time and additional
  costs incurred on the consumer would be in order.  To me, this
  seems very specific.
  Minimally, Roberto, I think that the repair depot should have at
  least sent your computer back to you with a "clean disk", and in 
  case they did not, or could not, save your data, cheerfully ask you
  how to proceed with the repair.
  To the heart of the matter, most vendors and dealers *assume* that
  you have no other choice and therefore care not about your real
  Erick Andrews