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Consider this

  To all the Microsoft supporters on this list (I still can't figure out why
  you're here...shouldn't MS be paying you to spread their view of the world?
  They have enough $$):
  What happens when most big commercial websites, for example, decide to buy
  into the MS vision of the web and dedicate their site to IE-only content?
  What happens to those of us who don't, won't, or can't use IE as our browser?
  Do you all believe that MS isn't really interested in taking over this
  important part of the Internet? Or do you just not care if they squeeze people
  out who happen to like or prefer to use another browser?
  Those seem to be the only two options: either those of us who oppose MS are
  paranoid and MS isn't really out to take over the WWW, \\or\\ they do want to
  take it over but you all just don't care. 
  I'd like to hear from the MS supporters on this list. Which one is it?
  Should we sit idly by while one company tries to monopolize electronic
  commerce and the exchange of information in this way? I thought the whole
  appeal of the WWW was that you could use your favorite or preferred OS, and as
  long as you had a standard browser, you could access information like everyone
  Is this too utopian for MS? Too limited vis-a-vis profits?
  I just can't understand why they would want to ruin such a egalitarian and
  fair technology.
  I don't want to use IE, and I don't want to use a MS operating system.
  Shouldn't I have equal access to sites like those who do want to use these
  Disney and Time Warner both today announced that they will be using IE-only
  features to communicate their content. That really sucks.
  Note: this isn't a pro-Netscape note by implication; insofar as Netscape
  deviates from open Internet standards, they are guilty too. Not as guilty as
  MS since they don't cram their browser down throats like MS, but they are
  guilty of similar violations.
  	Kendall Clark