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RE: Incredible

  And how is this any different from the sign-on letter from Ralph Nader's
  Consumer Project on Technology? See the "pre-printed opinions" at
  http://www.essential.org/antitrust/ms/browserletter.html.  And, since I
  participated in creating the letter from AMSP, I can tell you that it
  did not come from Microsoft, but from a professional association of
  technology providers that have built their businesses with Microsoft
  products and technologies.
  It was my impression that the "Appraising Microsoft" conference was to
  be an open discussion with participants from both sides of the debate.
  It seems to me that a letter writing campaign from those of us who do
  not favor government regulation of Microsoft should be just as welcome
  here as the letter writing campaign from those who do.
  Dave Hamilton
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  > In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, it is just
  > considered bad taste to have
  > to use "pre-printed opinions" that come with carefully detailed
  > instructions.  However,
  > since we know how Microsoft regards it's users, it comes as no
  > surprise to me that Microsoft
  > doesn't trust any of them to speak for themselves.